Sell My Inherited house in Groton CT

I Need To Sell My Inherited House In Groton Connecticut. Now What?

Sell My Inherited house in Groton Connecticut FastYou inherited a house and you have no idea what to do with it.  Now you are wondering: ” I Need To Sell My Inherited house in Connecticut, but how?”What are your options? What is the best course of action?

So you inherited a house in Groton CT. You painfully start to realize that it is not just a house you inherited. You also inherited all the responsibilities that come with owning the house in Connecticut. Suddenly, you have a whole extra set of bills to pay, including mortgage, insurance, taxes, utility bills, lawn care and maintenance. If the house is in need of urgent repairs such as the need to fix a leaking roof, that too will have to come out of your pocket, immediately, or there will be even more damage.

The hardest part is often letting go of the memories, the good times and the house has been a part of. Although meaningful priceless memories and experiences, hanging on to a house you can not afford will cause serious problems in the future. You are at risk of losing both your current house and the inherited house trying to keep both. If you can not pay the bills you will lose. So what options do you have?

List It With An Agent.

Often inherited houses are older, and there is a lot that need fixing or at least, updating. This makes listing your house with an agent very difficult, as we have explained in a previous article that you can find here. To summarize listing a house that is not in (near) perfect condition will cost more than  just agent fees, closing costs, repair costs, holding costs, and selling costs.  You also have price deductions from the listing price simply because of the mere fact that work still needs to be done after the purchase and a cost associated with not knowing what else may need fixing, i.e. cost of risk when buying a property that needs repair)

Rent it out to tenants.

For those that have been a landlord before will know the challenges. Dealing with trouble tenants is a full time job that can be very costly. Often tenants do not respect your repairs as much as you do. What if you do not have the cash to make the house tenant friendly? And as mentioned before, often inherited houses are outdated and in need of repairs.

If you feel that selling your house fast for cash is a valid option give us a call.

We by houses in Groton Connecticut in cash and you are not required to do any repairs. We will make it simple and hassle free to sell your inherited house in Groton CT to us in cash.

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