We’re Dixie & Jerryll, People Like You!

We probably have watched one too many episodes of HGTV! We have a passion for house flipping. To take a house and transforming it into something completely different and beautiful is just amazing. We love it! We are passionate, kind, honest and genuine.

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But First…



To be a solution to all your real estate issues“..

OMG  What a load of bull! Seriously.. what investor gets into investing to help out with real estate problems.  ITS FOR THE MONEY!! Duh!

Yes we do it to make money, but it is a worthy mention why we want this money.



The Overlord!

We Buy CT Houses
Dixie Lee

This is MY (Jerryll’s) company! I started it, I pay taxes on it, I do a lot of work… yet how come she calls all the shots? Her will is law. HOW the heck that happened  I have no clue. But complaining is futile. All I can do is say “Yes Ma’am…

Dixie is the image of the  company, the brand, the logo. She is a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, and degreed in Graphics Design. She is the definition of strength, endurance, kindness and honesty… and come on… she is gorgeous .. no? This is why she is the image of the company. She keeps it all together! Dixie is in charge of the design, looks and feel of the site. Heck, she is in charge of everything damn it! From our web pages, to our marketing pieces. She also leads our customer support effort, and makes sure our online image is impeccable.

The Wizard

Rocky Torres Contractor We Buy Houses In ConnecticutMr Rocky Torres, is our fabulous wizard. A big teddy bear that does wonders creating. He is our trusty contractor. After going through some nightmares we finally found  the perfect team member. He does not work for us, I wanted him to work with us. Rocky is honest, amazing prices, hard working, kind, and a heart bigger than his presence. His company is called “All Masonry LLC”. Look him up. If you need work done, there is NO better team!



The Walkers

These are the explorers. They will go to the appointments and meet you at the property to evaluate the house and give you an offer. We are currently training them to abide to our standards of doing business.


The Minion! ..Me:

We Buy Houses In Connecticut
Jerryll Noorden

Hello my name is Jerryll Noorden. So what is it I do here. Wow, what DO I do… Let’s see…  Well, I suppose I … as the owner… do whatever everyone says and demands of me. Wow Why do I suddenly feel like I got the short end of the stick!

I make sure Overlord “The Mighty Dixie” is happy. She is Happy when you the client is happy…

I make sure The Wizard is happy. Providing a safe environment to work, and make sure there is a continuous demand of work for him.

I make sure the walkers are happy.

And lastly, where it all boils down to, I make sure YOU are happy. We do this by doing our absolute best to provide the maximum offers we can possibly make. I do not believe in negotiating. Negotiating is when you make an offer LESS than your best possible offer.

We do not make a deal unless you are absolutely satisfied and happy with the transaction. We are not desperate to make deals, so we will never force a deal. We make sure we will present you with fair offers. We will make sure you understand the procedure, we are transparent, very friendly, kind and honest. We before anything else, want you to see us as the people that helped you out of a tight spot!


We Buy Houses In ConnecticutI am a Robotics Research Scientist and engineer. I have worked with/for NASAIHMC (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition) and Italy’s prestigious Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) in the beautiful Genova Italy. At NASA, focus was aiding astronauts explore other planets, and at IHMC, making paraplegic people walk again. The main focus of the Exoskeleton technology I/we develop is to better mankind significantly.

Here is a small galery of the technology we developed as a team to provide advancement of human living standards.


About Us. Nasa Sientist turned real estate investor



This technology aids people to walk when they are paralyzed from the waist down, speeds up recovery time during the rehabilitation process and helps the elderly with mobility problems.



To be honest, we don’t like calling this a “company”. We are people, we have feelings, and compassion. We simply are Dixie and Jerryll, a fun honest duo, here to buy your house in cash. That’s all there is to it!

We Are “We Buy Houses In Connecticut

We Buy Houses In Connecticut As Is

We are Cash Home Buyers in Connecticut! We rehab and flip houses in Connecticut. We buy houses in CT from people that no longer want to own their house for whatever reason. We know it is important to you, to get a fair offer for your house, and that is taken very seriously. We are not here to take advantage of anyone, nor to waste anyone’s time. Through our journeys through life we have come to see that being upfront, transparent and genuinely honest will make life a happy and fulfilling journey. This is what we base this team on! 

There is a lot of  here we know. Need a hand browsing our site?

  • If you arrived here by following the navigation suggested on our homepage, Great!! The Final page you should visit our credibility page.
  • If you didn’t follow the suggested path, we suggest you start at our We Buy Houses In Connecticut Homepage, to get a general overview of the services we offer.

Would You Like To See How Much We Would Offer For Your House?

We By Houses In Connecticut Fast


It is crucial that any service provider can show beyond a doubt that they are reliable, credible and competent. It is just too much effort to try to come across as credible. So we do not put any effort into this. Instead, we decided to be natural, our selves, funny, kind and honest. We are confident that if one is honest, it will naturally show in the way they act, what they say, and actions performed. 

We are currently documenting a transaction from beginning to end (with the permission from everyone involved in this transaction), so you can see how it all works, what is involved, and what it is like to sell your house to us. From first contact of the homeowner, to signing the contract, to closing, to finding a contractor, doing the rehab, and finally selling it. As this is an ongoing process it will be interesting to see how it ends. We will be doing this with our latest (November 2016) purchase. Follow along and join our adventure!

Here is a little teaser:


We promise to be fair, to never take advantage of the misfortunes of others, and we will do whatever it takes to come to a win-win transaction.

We Buy Houses In CT logoWe do not take advantage of others, and we firmly believe that a person in distress needs someone that can help, not someone that will take advantage of the situation. You can count on us to be there for you, on your side, always honest and we will do our best to genuinely be the solution to your real estate hardships. Give us a try and you will see!

“We, like you, are people that like to be treated with respect, honor, integrity, and understanding, and this is how you will be treated as well.”

– Dixie Lee