Should I List My House With An Agent Or Sell It To A Cash Buyer?

This is probably the most honest and straightforward evaluation of whether you should List With An Agent Or Sell To A House Cash Buyer. We are going to answer our top asked question: Should I List My House With An Agent Or Sell It To A Cash Buyer?

Sell your house in Connecticut for cash

You must probably be wondering why you would sell to random people, and why we would be interested in your house! You probably think that the obvious choice selling your house, is through an agent. But not so fast!

When To List With An Agent And When Not To List.

You should list with an agent if:

NY Home Buyersyou do not mind the 2 to 5+ months your house will be listed on the market

NY Home Buyersyou are OK with paying 2 to 5+ months worth of holding costs (taxes, lawn maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc.)

NY Home Buyersyour house is in near-perfect condition

NY Home Buyersyou are in no hurry to sell.

NY Home Buyersyou are ok with sprucing up curb appeal

NY Home Buyersyou are ok with making the house available to have random strangers walk through your house nit-picking on everything they do not like.

There it is!

For once a straightforward answer to an otherwise elusive question.


Although Obvious When To List It, It Is Not As Obvious To Many When Not To List It.

The only time listing with an agent is reasonable, is when you still would get enough for your house, after all fees are deducted, to still be happy with what is left, measured against the work and effort it cost to actually listing it with an agent. That was a mouthful wasn’t it. In other words, list your house if it is brand new, or in near-perfect condition and in a great location.

But What If My House Is Not Brand New?

Let’s say that your house does need repairs and/or updating. Is listing still a good option?

Maybe, but you should consider the following.

When a house needs repairs, finding a good listing price is not as trivial as “listing  the house at a little lower value, to account for the repairs needed”. It just does not work that way. You do not buy a second-hand car based on the new price of the car, minus the cost of repairs needed. Buying a house is no different. You have no idea what the actual condition is “under the hood“.

Just the fact that “I”, the buyer, still have a lot of work to do to fix up the house up results in a “monetary penalty” on your listing price, regardless of how much repairs is actually needed.

An example:

Which of the 2 following houses would you buy being your everyday home buyer?

A house worth $200K that is turn key, nothing to be done, move in ready, everything set up


A house worth $200K but sold at $170K  because it needs 30K in repairs to bring it to the exact same condition of the $200K house mentioned above?

Of course, no one would pick the $170K house. Why would you? Who wants to deal with the risk of anything going wrong, finding trustworthy contractors, waiting for the work to be completed etc.

So how much of a price cut would you demand to compensate for still having to deal with the work, the hassles, the risk, the uncertainty, the time you still need to invest?We Buy Houses Fast In Cheshire Connecticut

So as you can see, the hassle and stress has a monetary penalty that is associated with the value of the house. Suddenly repairs are not just estimated by cost of material, and cost of labor. Risk, time, holding cost, uncertainties, one’s trouble to tackle it all, have a monetary value.

But that’s not all…

Who knows in what shape the house really is in, beyond the exterior appearance? No inspection reveals everything. That uncertain risk alone is costing you, the homeowner, money. Buyers will demand even less for the house just in case there are unexpected issues!

You have to step into the mindset of a buyer. Would you pay $100K+ for a house that still needs work? After all the hassle and paperwork and such a huge transaction, do you still want to be bothered with inspection, contractors, or even picking up a brush and start painting? Will the bank even approve  a buyer for a house that needs work? Will the bank also approve a loan for the repairs? There are just too many issues to deal with.

No, buyers will demand not just a “little” more off the list price. They will demand a lot more off the list price  to account for the headaches and risks associated with a house in less than perfect condition.

We have established that, if you list your house (that needs work) with an agent, the price will be significantly lowered. Homeowners do not realize this and this is the main reason why houses sit on the market for so long, and then homeowners are baffled why their house doesn’t sell for a “reasonable” price.

And that brings us to the next issue…

What does “time on market” mean in monetary terms?

Holding Costs!

While the house is sitting on the market, you pay insurance, taxes, utility bills, heating, ac, lawn care and maintenance! Not to mention closing costs and agent fees if it sells.

Homeowners need to be in the know when it is indeed best to list and when it is best not to list. By all means opt for an agent if you have enough value in the house to account for agent fees, closing costs, holding costs and selling fees to still make it worth the sale.

In conclusion, to answer the question: “What Is The Best Way To Sell My House Fast?“, the honest answer is “It Depends!”

List With An Agent Or Sell To A Cash Buyer?

It depends on your timeline, your funds available, the condition of your house and if you are willing to do the repairs yourself or not.

Listing your house in Connecticut with an agent is not for everyone. Listing a new house with an agent  has a penalty of agent fees, commissions and closing costs.


Most homeowners do not live in a brand new home! For an older house for sale in Connecticut, as an example, that is in need  of some repair or updating, listing it with an agent has the following monetary penalties on your net gain:

NY Home BuyersThe house not being in top condition has a price penalty. – No one will pay full market value for a house in need of repair.

NY Home BuyersThe mere fact that work still needs to be done is causing stress and has a monetary penalty.

NY Home BuyersThe actual cost of the repairs is a monetary penalty.

NY Home BuyersAgent fees and commission is (obviously) a monetary penalty

NY Home BuyersThe risk associated with not knowing, what else is in bad shape will demand a lower price, and thus is a monetary penalty.

As you can see now, selling to a cash buyer is a very valid option. If you are wondering “I need to sell my house fast” keep this in mind: Cash buyers are not agents and usually there are no closing costs or agent fees to pay. Also  purchases are as is, which means there is no need for repairs. Also as cash buyers are dealing with private money, there are no bank approvals and we can close quickly. Think about it before you list with an agent!

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