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We are an organization that buys houses in Newtown CT for cash. We are serious home buyers that offer cash for your property in Newtown CT. No loans, no uncertainties. If you own a house in Newtown, CT that you have been thinking about selling, find out what a direct sale can mean for you! There is zero obligation, get your personalized offer today!

If you want to sell your house in Newtown, Connecticut, find out what selling directly can mean for you! If you have said, “I have to sell my house fast,” we’d love the opportunity to make you an offer! There is never any obligation or pressure to sell! 

Selling Your Newtown House Can Be Simple

No matter what you’re dealing with -We’ve all been there. Life can throw some curveballs and put us in an unexpected situation in the blink of an eye. You may not have the time or cash upfront to sell your house the traditional way.

Luckily, signing with an agent isn’t the only way to sell your Newtown, Connecticut house. We can help you with all kinds of situations including:

NY Home BuyersA fast and fair sale due to divorce

NY Home BuyersLate payments and the worry of foreclosure

NY Home BuyersA house that is always in need of repair

NY Home BuyersA property that has become too big or too small

NY Home BuyersIf you need to move quickly due to work

NY Home BuyersAn inherited house you aren’t sure what to do with

NY Home BuyersAn underperforming rental property

NY Home Buyers

Frustrating tenants trashing the property

Sell my house fast in Newtown CT
A house we bought from someone who filled out our form below! Call or send us a message today! (203) 529-4712

We can help with all of this and much more. Buying run-down or distressed properties is what we do. Fixing up houses in Newtown and other parts of Connecticut is our passion. If you need to sell your house quickly, or if you want to sell your house without any cost, give us a call. We’d be happy to make you an offer and help you run the numbers to determine which method of selling will be right for you! Call us today, there is never any hassle or obligation! (203) 529-4712 

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We buy houses in any condition. Find out how much we offer for your house in cash! No realtors, no commision, no repairs, get a solid offer today!

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Listing Is Not Your Only Option To Get Your House Sold Fast!

The team at “We Buy Houses In CT” can buy your house quickly and for a great price. We believe in keeping things simple, and that in some situations, it is best for a buyer and seller to work together directly instead of involving a middle-man. You won’t have to worry about:

NY Home BuyersAgent fees

NY Home BuyersMarketing costs

NY Home BuyersHouse repairs

NY Home Buyers Your house is damaged (run-down)

NY Home BuyersCommissions can eat away at your sales profits fast

Hiring an agent can be expensive, and waiting for approval from your buyer’s lender can be agonizing. Things are much different when you call “We Buy Houses In Connecticut“. We’ll make you a no-nonsense offer and leave it up to you whether you want to sell or not. It’s as simple as that! Give us a call today! (203) 529-4712

The Choice To Sell Is Always Up To You


We want you to make the decision that is right for your situation. We firmly believe that by eliminating some of the usual red-tape, we are able to save everyone money. This means more cash for you and the opportunity to fix up a Newtown house for us. A standard listing isn’t the best choice for every property. Before you commit to a selling method, compare your options and make the decision that works best. And keep in mind, by eliminating commissions, holding costs, and repairs, you can save a fortune.

We Buy Houses In Bethel CT Consider these perks of a direct sale… You won’t need to clean the house, show it or make repairs. You won’t have to make upgrades, stage, or market the property. You won’t have to wait around or worry about the sale falling through. You won’t have to pay commissions, closing costs, or worry about any additional administrative fees. We make the process simple and straight forward so you won’t have to spend money in order to sell your house.

We don’t need much information to begin the offer process. Give us a call and give us the property basics and your selling goals. We will do our homework and do our best to come up with an offer that works for everyone. Take it or leave it, we want you to be confident in the decision you make about selling your house in Newtown. By getting an offer from We Buy Houses In Connecticut, you’ll gain valuable insight into the true value of your house, whether or not you decide to sell to us.

Get a fast, fair, and no-obligation offer by filling out the form below. We will always pay you a fair price no matter what situation you are in!

Call us any time to discuss your property directly! (203) 529-4712

“I did some work for Jerryll, he is a very pleasant person to deal with, makes sure you are comfortable on the worksite and doesn’t hesitate to offer his help if needed, pays in time, he is straightforward and understanding .”

—Mr Piatti, [New Haven CT]


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We have the most 5-star reviews in CT and it is because we always make fair and honest offers!
We Buy Houses CT reviews

  Jerryll is so genuine and hardworking, he provided us with an amazing experience. He says what he means and gave us honest information. You cannot work with a more ethical person. He is old school spot on.

Michael Stratton [West Haven, CT]


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