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We Offer Cash For Your House In CT

No Matter The Condition Or Location We Buy CT Houses In Cash! Our Highest Offer The First Time, Everytime!

We are house buyers that buy CT Houses In Cash . We offer cash for houses in Connecticut. “I need to sell my house but who can I trust to buy my house fast?“. We are honest house buyers that constantly buy houses to satisfy our passion for house flipping.

We are THE company that buys houses in CT. And yes we use our own funds to buy houses. For you the seller, you can be assured that when we have the intention to buy your house we can guarantee a closing. Having  our own funds is beneficial because we do not have to wait for approvals from anyone, we can close quickly and start working on the house immediately!

People are often skeptical. Honestly, we can not blame them. Who buys houses in CT for cash right!?

Well we do!

Here are some of the houses we have bought, and some we are currently working on.

Want to know more about us? Well head on to our about us page. Your yaw will drop. All about robots, NASA, humanoids, exoskeletons and more!

Unlike The Rest!

We know there is a lot of greed out there. Most of these “We Buy Houses” companies thrive on making the lowest possible offer. We don’t. We make offers simply based on the numbers. When the internet is full of other of these companies with fake “paid for” or self written reviews ours are real. Straight from Google with videos to show for it.

We Are Not Going To Waste Your Time!

If you have a house for sale anywhere in CT, give us a try. We guarantee a no obligation to accept offer, which means, you have nothing to lose! See for yourself why we are the top ranking cash buyers on Google! See How Much We Can Offer For Your House In Cash!

We Just Bought A House In Waterbury CT From A Buyer Just Like You!

Yup, we just bought an other house from a seller that filled in our form (Mr Gray, The Guy In one of Our Video testimonials), in a pretty bad area to be honest (behind the mall). Not all houses we buy are good flipping material. No one wants to buy houses in Waterbury CT because of the heavy taxes, and Waterbury has a lot of bad areas. So the reason why we bought it, well other than our promise and slogan that we buy any house in any location and in any condition, we think we can transform this one into something very beautiful, for very little money.

We are going to “buy and hold” this one. We wanted to give you an idea what goes on behind the webpage, behind signing the contract and after the closing after you receive your cash (and run far far away never to look back at that nightmare house). I think this will give you an idea what we base our offers on. Here are a few pitures of the house in waterbury when we first took a look at it with the seller.

As you can see it needs “some” work. But lot’s-of-work, does not have to equal lot’s-of-money. Not if you are clever. When we first walked the house we knew there had to be brick behind the walls. So the first thing we did, after closing, was ripping a wall section open… and BINGO!! We have BRICK!!!

We Buy CT Houses In Cash
Brick Behind Plaster, YESSSS

Why Is This A Big Deal?

Well, other than how beautiful and “industrial” it looks, it is cheap!

Why cheap?

Think about it! If we had to “fix” the walls. we would have to rip plaster off, redo framing, put insulation, sheetrock, taping, mudding, finishing, painting…. That would have cost about 5 to 7 GRAND!!

With brick all we have to do is demo the plaster and clean the brick, and DONE!!

This is a special personal project of ours. We want to do this rehab with as little money as possible and document the entire thing to educate and hopefully inspire homeowners that you do not HAVE to sell your house if it needs a ton of repairs. Of course we want you to sell to us ^_^, but we hate seeing a homeowner forced to sell because they think they don’t have options.

Either way, we will document this entire process mainly for the fun and challenge!

We Are Going To Transform Your House Into Something Spectacular!

Allow me to give you our vision:

Isn’t that beautiful? In NYC these go for the millions. Obviously in Waterbury CT in such a bad area of town, we will be lucky to get $50K for it. However, it will be a great section 8 passive income investment, and we make sure the place will look like a million dollars!

As a bonus, it will be such a gratifying feeling to supply such a beautiful home to a family that would never have been able to afford living in such a beautiful space. A win-win (win-win-win-win if it is a family of 6) for all involved!

So now that you have a vision of what we want to accomplish you will probably be wondering where we are in the process. Well, to do it cheaply, we decided to do as much manual labour ourselves. It sucks to be honest. It is just such a mess dealing with plaster and laths, and this damn cold really is not helping one bit.

But alas. This is part of the experience.

Here are some progress pictures.

And here is where we are now. Demolition is taking a lot out of us with the dust! We are trying to go as fast as we can and we will see how far we get on this one. If you want to follow the progress in more detail subscribe to our blog!

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