Sell my house in Fairfield CT

198. 4 Ways a Foreclosure Will Impact You in Fairfield CT

There is no doubt foreclosure will impact you. Besides the obvious strain and emotional impact the situation can have on your family and personal relationships, foreclosure can also devastate your finances. From the clothes you wear to the car you drive, or even where you reside or work, it will have a residual effect on … Continued
Sell my house in Avon CT

193. 5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Avon CT

So, you find yourself ready to sell your property, and while you don’t want to pay all of the commissions and fees that come along with a traditional real estate agent, you also dread all that is involved with listing the property as for sale by owner. And you start to think, what about a … Continued

7 Documents You Need When Selling Your House in Connecticut

Need to sell your house in Connecticut? Things will move along much more swiftly and smoothly if you are prepared from the start by organizing all of your documents. Paperwork is a given during legal transactions and it’s no different when you’re selling your house in Connecticut. You’ll want to have the following 6 documents … Continued
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