We Buy Houses In Glastonbury CT Fast

We Buy Houses In Glastonbury CT

Not Only Will We Buy Your House In CT, We Will Give You A Fair All-Cash Offer!


We are very interested in buying your house in Glastonbury CT. We buy houses in Glastonbury CT in any condition, any location no matter the situation you are in, regardless of taxes you owe or liens against the property. Our team has seen it all and we have an amazing team of attorneys we work with to resolve any issue against your property in Glastonbury.

Jerryll helping replace the roof of our Dec 2016 all-cash purchase. We Buy Houses In Glastonbury In ANY condition. Get YOUR cash offer today!

As long as there is a hot market in Glastonbury we are interested in buying. If you have been considering selling your house get your free all cash offer right now by filling in the form on our page, before the market changes! 

If you are wondering “how am I going to sell my house in Glastonbury CT?” house fast, why not let us take a look and see how much we can offer in cash! Our offers are free and there is no obligation to accept.

Call us at (203)529-4712 or fill in our form to receive your cash offer and be done with the property right away and put some cash in your pocket.

Listing With An Agent Vs. Selling To Us.

If your house is more than 5 years old selling it with an agent may not be the best choice. An agent would ask you to clean the house, fix key issues that could otherwise ruin a sale, spend money on curb appeal, and you would be expected to have your house available for countless of walkthroughs by picky buyers that would demand you fix a ton of things. All this without the guarantee the house will even sell! Then you are required to pay agent fees and commissions as well as closing costs, if the house does sell.

Sell My Glastonbury CT House Fast
3 days after submitting the form on this page, we bought this house in Clinton CT in Cash! Get your offer today!

Selling  your Glastonbury house to us for cash will avoid you having to pay agent fees, repair costs, closing costs and extended time on market.There will be no waiting for finances to fall into place and no bank inspections that need to be approved. Selling to us is a very attractive offer for the following reasons:

  • No waiting for a buyer to make an offer
  • No waiting for the buyer to get financing
  • No agent fees
  • No renovations, no repairs, no clean up

We offer the certainty of knowing your house will be sold, for the amount in cash and on the date we have agreed on, prior to accepting our offer.

Skip The Hassles And Agent Fees By Selling Your CT Home To Us!

We are a no nonsense house buying team that will not waste your time with “lowBall” offers! Often we hear homeowners say: “I need to sell my house in Glastonbury CT fast”, but then they have no idea where to turn to, or how to go about taking that first step.

“I Would Never Have Thought You Would Give Me A Fair Offer For The Condition It Was In”

…entering the house without a mask was a hazard with all the mold. You gave me a fair offer and it was more than I expected. Thank you for not taking advantage of me!”             

Cindy P, 75 N Pearl St.

We Are Transparent, Honest And Genuine.

We offer homeowners that need to sell their house fast, a way out, while still getting a fair offer on their house. We do not pretend that we are here just to help you. We don’t see this as “you needing us (to buy your house)”. We genuinely would like to buy your house as much as you want to sell it. This mentality avoids anyone taking advantage of  an other. We are house flippers and rehabbers. We don’t just do it for the money, we do it for fun as well.

As you can tell we are transparent, honest and genuine. We are looking for win-win deals where both you and us can  take value out of selling your house in Glastonbury CT to us.

If you need to sell your house in Glastonbury CT , we invite you to fill in our short form to find out how much we will pay for your house in cash. There is no pressure, and no obligation to accept the offer. You truly have nothing to lose!

Fill In This Form To Receive Your Offer Now!

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Glastonbury. There is no obligation, commissions, or fees. Start by giving us some information about your house

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“I Need To Sell My House In Glastonbury CT FAST!” – We Buy Houses In Glastonbury CT.

Sell My House In Glastonbury CTIf you are looking for a honest“Sell My House in Glastonbury CT As Is ”, or “We Buy Houses In Glastonbury CT ” company because you are in need to sell your house in Glastonbury CT  due to, foreclosure, pesky tenants or you just want an easy as-is sale, we can help you! Give us a call and see for yourself how easy it is to sell your home in Glastonbury to us.

“Building trust and reputation takes time, effort and dedication and the only way to get there is by treating our customers with integrity compassion and understanding”.

~ Dixie Lee, VP of Marketing.

If you would like to follow our investing adventures, which properties we currently are looking at or how we are doing our rehabs from offer till final remodel visit our personal blog!

We Buy Houses In Connecticut
We Buy Houses In Connecticut

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