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We have received a ton of inquiries asking what the connection is between a real estate investing business and all these state of the art robotics we always talk about.

Let me shine some light on this.
I (Jerryll) am a robotics scientist. I have worked for IHMC (The Institute for human and Machine Cognition), NASA, and IIT (Italian Institute Of Technology).

Often Governmental institutes like NASA and even independent research institutes like  IHMC depend on funding from the government to further research and develop these advanced technologies we as humans so desperately need. During my career, on several occasions funding had completely been halted crushing the hopes of those in need of this technology.

With profits from our flips, I am funding my robotics research to develop technology to aid paraplegic people and enable them to walk again.

I was the lead engineer and scientist developing state of the art robotics technology to improve humanity. At NASA and IHMC I worked on exoskeleton technology. The exoskeleton robot enables mobility assist for paraplegic people, gravity compensation and exercise device for astronauts in space, and an aid for rehabilitation purposes.

It basically provides the motor function to a paraplegic user. In simpler terms, it provides the muscle to be able to walk again. The exoskeleton (exo for short), grabs the users legs at the thighs and shin and guides the user through a “normal” walking gait enabling the user to walk again.

This has more benefits other than just being able to walk again. Sitting for long periods in a wheelchair causes further health issues. Bones not being loaded and muscles not being flexed and stretched causes bone mass loss and muscles with be stiff. Having the user standing and their bones loaded (the exo carries its own weight, but does not carry the user’s weight, and thus their bones are indeed loaded), has many health benefits to a paraplegic person.

Find my publications here:

Robot Makes Paraplegic Man Walk Again.

When I was tasked to develop a robotics suit to help wounded soldiers walk again, to me, it was a very amazing , fun and very challenging project. It was funded by ONR, specifically for soldiers with lower extremity injuries. It was for a good cause but mainly it was just fun for me working on such sci-fi projects.
When the first exoskeleton was nearing completion, it was time to find participants to test the robot. Here is when I met Mr. Daniels.I was never close to anyone in his condition and my work was very disconnected from it all. I had a task and I fulfilled that task.

Mark changed all that. I saw how hard it was for him being in a wheelchair. It wasn’t hard for him anymore, as he got used to it. But simple things like changing a lightbulb, grab your daughter and swing her around were tasks impossible for him.It completely changed the way I looked my job. It became a mission. When we first enabled Mark to walk again after years of wheelchair confinement, we did an interview with him. We asked him what he was looking forward to the most being able to walk again.

We expected answers like, “to run, jump, climb a tree again:

To my utter surprise he simply said: “to stand and be at eye level talking to someone“.

He just didn’t want to be looked down at when people talk to him being in a seated position.

It is funny how one’s perspective changes when something isn’t just a task anymore. When you get to know see and feel the people you are doing it for. Needless to say Mark and I formed an inseparable bond.

I was determined to built better robots, lighter, stronger to enable people like Mark with a better life!

Always Roadblocks…

No matter the goal, there are always forces that work against you. But where there is a will, there is a way!

We have always relied on government funding to further research. Then the inevitable happened. Government put a halt on robotics hardware funding. And thus all that was accomplished is give people like mark a taste of freedom and take it away from him.
Unacceptably cruel.
So I quit my job and started this business to earn capital to fund my own robotics research institute where I control funding, not government, no private sponsors, just me! No one can tell me where to spend the money on and pure advancement of technology for good in the world wouldn’t depend on anyone else but me.

Look How Far We Have Come!

This Is How “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” Was Born.

We will not give up, we will not stray!
This is about doing good, whatever it takes!

Awareness is the one thing that really helps. Let’s stop ignoring people that really need help. Please Like, share with your google friends, share with your facebook friends.

What is just a click of a button to you, is continuing research that actually make a differences to all these people that need it!