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Only when we recognize there is a problem, can we devote resources to solving it. The problem is, not many people can do what we do, and if those that can won’t, who will?

-Jerryll Noorden [The Minion]



We Flip Houses For The Development of Robotic Technology For The Sake Of Humanity! We devote our time, effort, knowledge, humanity, kindness, brilliance, and funds, to innovate, invent, and create robotic technologies that aid mankind, in particular mobility assist for paraplegic people.


Research Organizations in the advanced technology field rely on funding from outside sources like the government for continuous development of technologies to improve the standard of living of those with specific mobility assist needs. Funding therefore never is guaranteed, and whomever funds, is in control and owns the technology limiting our ability to help those in need with this technology. Therefore our purpose is to fund our own research and development team to be in full control of the results of our ennovations.


Jerryll H. Noorden (often referred to as “MSOOTKAUG” (My Supreme Overlord Of The Known And Unknown Galaxy)), is hell bent on taking over this planet with his army of robotic minions that barely obey his commands.

He is an authority in Robotic exoskeleton and disaster relief robotics technology, and the leading force behind We Buy Houses In Connecticut. He refuses to be called a CEO, owner, boss, or leader, although he is the brains behind this organization and effort. He refers to his position in the company as “the Minion”, and rightfully so. He is the supporter, the one whose job simply is to provide anything and everything his team needs to excel and succeed!

Jerryll has been a part of highly respected organizations like NASA (Houston, TX), IHMC  (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, Pensacola FL), and IIT Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia (The Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, Italy) where he was the lead on state of the art robotics research and development projects including IIT’s WALKMAN, NASA’s X1 Exoskeleton, and IHMC’s famed MINA Exoskeleton robot. He holds M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management, as well as 3 B.S. degrees in B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Mechanical Engineering.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeBuyHousesInConnecticut/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeBuyHousesCT

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Webuyhousesinconnecticutfast



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