Wholesaling Gets Your House Sold FAST!

What is Wholesaling exactly?

Wholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house FastWholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house Fast.

Wholesaling is when a seller (you) signs a contract (purchase and sale agreement) with a buyer, and the buyer assigns the contract to an other investor for a fee. (buyer sells the contract to an other investor).

Now you may be discouraged reading this but don’t be. There are many powerful advantages to wholesaling!


You are probably thinking:

You are wasting my time if you are not going to buy my house!

However consider the following:

What if instead of reaching out to only 1, or 2 investors (Like Us) to get your CT house sold fast, you could instantly reach 3000+ investors effortlessly without having to do any extra work  and without having deal with them personally? Wouldn’t your chances to get your property sold increase drastically? Indeed so!

This is the power of wholesaling (when done the right way). Wholesaling is such a powerful tool to get your house sold lightning fast. We have a list of more than 3000 serious cash buyers that buy houses for all sorts of reasons. What this means is that if one investor does not find your house to be a good deal,  a whole bunch of other investors still may find your house a good buy. A fantastic tool isn’t it.

Then why does wholesaling have such a bad reputation?

Well, there are several reasons.

Many investors try to make themselves look better or more legit by talking bad about wholesalers in hopes you will choose them over a wholesaler, by advertising that they will buy your house themselves with their own cash. (Usually this does not happen anyways as most investors borrow money from hard money lenders to buy properties). However, these investors do have somewhat of a point.

The main reason why wholesaling has gotten such a bad reputation is because most wholesalers are not openly upfront about their intentions. They know that a seller will not take them seriously if they disclosed that there never was an intention to actually buy their house.

So they tell sellers that they will buy their house, and put it under contract. Then they rush to find a buyer to buy the contract at a higher price, and thus they make money from the difference in price.


Imagine you are a seller desperately in need to sell your house fast. You put your house under contract with a wholesaler for $100K, thinking this person is actually going to buy your house in cash. Then the wholesaler sells the contract for $110K to an other investor! That other investor steps into the shoes of the wholesaler as the wholesaler steps out of the contract. The wholesaler just assigned the contract to the back-end buyer. Now the contract is between you the seller and the back-end buyer. At closing you (the seller) get the agreed upon $100K, and the back end buyer gets the house. The wholesaler walks away with the difference ($110K-$100K=)$10K.

Although there definitely are advantages associated with wholesaling a property, if the wholesaler did not disclose their intentions, this transaction is inherently dishonest and misleading.

What if the wholesaler can not find a buyer in time?  The wholesale contract has an escape clause that enables the wholesaler to walk away basically without any repercussions if they can not find a buyer. In the meantime you the seller were thinking your house was pretty much sold while you then wasted weeks of your time having to start over finding a buyer.

Wholesaling is a tool that gives the seller a lot of power getting their home here in Connecticut sold fast, as long as it is the seller’s choice and is in full understanding what the process entails using this tool.

When Wholesaling is done honestly:

Wholesaling is a tool that gives the seller a lot of power getting their home here in Connecticut sold fast, as long as it is the seller’s choice to use that tool. Wholesaling gives you the opportunity to have thousands of investors instantly be exposed to your house you want to sell ensuring a faster sale.

As you can see now, Wholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house Fast!

It is absolutely up to you which way you want to go. We can buy the house ourselves, or you can decide for us to wholesale it. Either Way, it will be your choice and you will know exactly what our intentions are!

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