Why Wholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet!

What is Wholesaling exactly?

Wholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house FastWholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house Fast. Wholesaling is when a seller signs a contract (purchase and sale agreement) with a buyer, and the buyer assigns the contract to an other investor for a fee. (buyer sells the contract to an other investor).

Now you may be discouraged reading this but don’t be. Read on!! This is actually a benefit to you, the seller!

To understand why this could be very beneficial to the seller, first we need to explain why so many people do not like wholesaling.

New beginning investors love to wholesale properties because it requires no money out of their pocket. It is a good way to get started in the world of real estate investing.  But often they are not honest and open about their intentions. They do not mention to the seller that they have absolutely no intention actually buy the property. They say they will buy it and want an inspection period where they can still cancel the contract if they find something they do not like, During this inspection period they quickly try to find a buyer for the contract. If they do, the closing will proceed without the seller knowing any better. If they can not find a buyer in time they just pull out of the contract and you lost time and hopes thinking the house was going to be sold.


Wholesaling when done honestly and with open communication it really could be your way out of the property super fast and hassle free.

Wholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house Fast

Consider the following case example:

You need to sell your house that is worth, let’s say $120K on the market if it was  repaired, and for whatever reason you decide an agent is not your best option. You do a google search for “I need to sell my house fast in Connecticut“, or if you see all the bandit signs out there with “We Buy Houses In CT” you probably would have done a search for “We Buy Houses”, hoping to find a reputable House Buying Company to buy your house quickly and in cash.

You contact a few investors to see what they can offer.  One investor wants to buy it for… let’s say $80K. You now go to the next investor and they want to offer you 100K for it.

What happened?

Why the difference in price? Can the repair cost vary that much from one investor to the next?

Well yeah! and here is why.

Some investors just do flips. This means they buy the house in cash and do a renovation with the intention to put it back on the market as soon as possible for resale at a profit.

Other investors prefer the  “buy and hold” strategy. This is where an investor buys the property to fix up and keep it as a rental property. As you an imagine, you wouldn’t put the most expensive granite in a rental property, nor would you put in new hardwood flooring. There is less repair costs involved for fixing up a property that is intended for a rental.

Now you will be asking:

OK but what does this have to do with wholesaling?

Good Question. Lucky for Mr. seller in the example above, he/she reached out to 2 investors that had  different intentions for the house. What if he/she reached out to  just one investor, the flipper? The $80K would have been the only offer. The more interesting question is, what if he reached out to 4 investors How bout 10? How about 2000?

Wouldn’t you think the chances to sell the house would drastically increase?

Indeed so!

The only issue here is, no one wants to vet 2000 investors, do a background check and hope they are all real genuine fair and legit! This is where we come in. Wholesaling is just an other piece of ammunition in our arsenal to get your house bought quickly without hassle.

We have a buyers list of over 2000 fully vetted investors that are fair, serious and have the cash to buy your house quickly. When we negotiate the price on your house and sign the contract we will massmail the contract to all our buyers. Usually within minutes after email is sent we have several investors interested and thus can close quickly on your property.

When Wholesaling done honestly:

It allows you the seller to just reach out to one (honest) investor while over 2000 serious house buyers will be presented with the contract to buy your house in cash. Wholesaling gives you the opportunity to have thousands of investors instantly be exposed to your house you want to sell ensuring a faster sale.

As you can see now, Wholesaling Can Be Your Best Bet to sell your CT house Fast!

It is absolutely up to you which way you want to go. We can buy the house ourselves, or you can decide for us to wholesale it. Either Way, it will be your choice and you will know exactly what our intentions are!

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