We Buy Houses In Any Condition

If you are on our site you most likely have a Connecticut house for sale. Great! Let us make you an all cash offer on your house no matter what condition it is in!  Our offers are based on current market conditions and what repairs are needed, if any.

We are not a huge national house buying company that will treat you like a number. We are Dixie and Jerryll, two people that love flipping houses in Connecticut. As such, we are always looking to buy houses in cash and in any condition. We will buy your home in CT, even especially when an agent won’t go near it.

When Agents Are Not Your Best Option!

We Buy Houses In Connecticut” will buy your house even when an agent refuses to list it. The house in the picture below was in extremely poor condition. As you can see the roof is completely rotten and the ceilings mostly gone. The homeowner needed to sell before snowfall, otherwise the house would be in even worse condition after winter.

Was hard to breathe. Mold everywhere. We Paid In Cash And Everyone Is Happy!

This made selling the house with an agent impossible. Most agents didn’t even accept the listing, as the commission they would receive wouldn’t be worth their time marketing. The Homeowner was racing against the clock as he needed to sell before winter.

To ask the homeowner to repair the house would have been a grand scale project and wouldn’t be feasible, especially  not knowing if the house would even sell after  the repairs.

Even if an agent would have accepted this listing, the house would have been sitting on the market for months and for reasons just mentioned, that would not be acceptable due to the weather.

Luckily the homeowner found us on the internet and reached out to us, after he watched our “How It Works” Video. He filled out our form and soon after we gave him a call. From the preliminary phone conversation, we knew we had to put a new roof on it ASAP. We we wasted no time and we drove by to check out the house. One hour later we made him a very reasonable offer he could not refuse. He eagerly accepted!

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Connecticut. There is no obligation, no commissions, or fees. Start by giving us some information about your house.

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We will use this property to document the entire process from first contact with the seller, to the cash purchase to complete rehab to putting it back on the market.

We believe that this gives a very clear understanding how our process works and you can see for yourself how easy this entire process really is. We think this is better than just talking talk!


If you have been wondering “How Am I Going To Sell My Home Fast In Connecticut” and if the thought of “I Need To Sell My House Fast In CT” is causing you to stress, don’t despair. We buy houses fast in Connecticut. We give very attractive and fair offers. What do you have to lose?

We will never sell you the idea that you need us. We will never pressure you into selling. We want to buy houses as much as you need to sell. Let’s make this a mutually beneficial transaction where everyone emerges a winner.

For this to happen though you have to give us a call (203)529-4712 or fill in our form. You may be surprised how much we can pay in cash for your house, no matter what condition or location it is in.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Connecticut. There is no obligation, no commissions, or fees. We will personally make sure we exceed your expectations, after all, our company reflect us! Start by giving us some information about your house. 

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