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We Buy Houses, We Fix/Improve Them, We sell them. You want to sell? We want to BUY!

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No Matter The Condition Or Location, We WILL Buy Your House At A Fair Price! 

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We Buy Houses In North Haven CT. For a realistic fair Cash offer call (203)529-4712!
Mold, Leaks, Smells, we still bought it and paid cash!

We buy houses in North Haven, we fix them up and we put them back on the market. That simple! No games, no tricks, no gimmicks.  If you have a house you want to sell fast, let us make you an all cash offer.  Be done with the frustration of tenants,  of owning a vacant house that is just too costly to hold on to.

Not only will we buy your property in cash, we will give you a fair offer based on market value and condition of the house. We Buy Houses In North Haven CT, and because we pay in cash we can close on your schedule.We Buy houses In North Haven CT.

Call us at:  (203)529-4712 or fill in our form to receive your cash offer and be done with the property right away and put some cash in your pocket.


Hard To Choose Between Listing And Selling To Us? 

We can help you decide. If your house is 7+ years old,  or is in need of repairs/updating, or you rather want a guaranteed timely sale and get the cash fast, not only is it better to sell it to us, you most likely will get more for your house than you would with an agent. Hard to believe? We have spent countless hours explaining this to homeowners so we decided to write an article about it explaining the why explicitly. Find this article here.

Listing it with an agent will require you to fix the house, or update it to match all other houses currently being sold. If you don’t the house will sit on the market even longer, and in addition, your list price has to be lowered as no one will pay top dollar for a house in need of repair.

Then You have to pay closing cost and agent fees when if the house does sell. Then you have to hope your buyer will be approved by their lenders for financing. The list literally goes on.

The good news is that we are not agents and non of this would apply if you sold your house to us directly. We buy houses in North Haven (and other places in Connecticut to be honest) with the simple goal to buy fast, pay cash, sell fast, and repeat.  We have helped many homeowners with our fair cash offers. There is no secret formula to it. You want to sell, and we want to buy.

We offer the certainty of knowing your house will be sold, for how much we have agreed on in cash, and the date of closing the moment you accept our offer.

Skip The Hassle, Agent Fees And Commissions By Selling Your House In Cash To Us! No Risk & No Obligation. 

We Buy Houses In Connecticut” is a no non-sense house buying duo that will not waste your time. We are the go-to company if you need to sell your house fast, or if you just don’t want to deal with listing your house. If you need to sell your house in North Haven Connecticut, and are asking yourself “I really need to sell my house in North Haven CT fast”, we invite you to fill in the our form to find out how much we will pay for your house in North Haven. There is no pressure, and no obligation to accept the offer. You truly have nothing to lose. 

Have A Tenant Problem, Not Anymore!

We will buy your house in North Haven even if you have tenants. We just need a copy of the lease or rental agreement and we just fill in your shoes. Even if the house needs a lot of work, let us take over your burden.

We have the resources and knowledge to quickly pay a fair value in cash for your house. This has many advantages to you:

  • No Repairs. Whether you sell through and agent or sell it yourself, you will be required to make repairs. Your agent will ask for it and your bank require it from you in order to approve a mortgage to potential buyers. Also not many buyers are willing to buy a house that they still need to put money into for repairs. Sell to us and you won’t need to pick up a single nail, you don’t even need to wipe the counters!
  • No Agent Fees/Commissions. Because we are not agents and we are not interested in listing your property there are no fees and commissions involved. You keep more money by selling to “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”. Often we even pay your closing costs.
  • Foreclosure, Inherited An Unwanted Property you can’t afford, Behind on Taxes — The solution usually is to sell fast. No time for waiting for banks to approve mortgages, no waiting for a buyer to find you and make a good offer. We have the funds and resources to pay cash for your house and close in as little as a week! Just fill in the form below to find out how much we will pay for your house in cash!

“I Need To Sell My House in North Haven CT” – How Does It Work?

To find out how easy it is to sell your house in Connecticut quickly for cash  click the video below. 

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No matter the reasons for selling, we understand you need to sell now, and you need the money available to you fast. Rest assured that we will not take advantage of your situation and we will evaluate your situation to make sure you have a clear understanding what your best options are. We at “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” will do whatever it takes to be the solution to your hardships. You  can be sure of that!

We Buy Houses North Haven Connecticut.

Wondering: “I Need To Sell My House In North Haven CT?” –  We Buy Houses In North Haven CT In Cash!

Sell My House In North Haven CT, We Buy Houses North Haven
“We genuinely try to be your solution to all your real-estate needs”. – Dixie Lee, VP of Marketing

We are Dixie and Jerryll, owners of Noorden Estates LLC, “We Buy Houses In Connecticut”. If you need to sell your house quickly we would love to make you an all cash fair offer on your property in North Haven CT. We have helped countless homeowners that were dealing with divorce, foreclosure, code violations, delinquent taxes, and many more. We invite you to give us a call at (203) 529-4712 and see for yourself how easy it is to sell your house in North Haven to us.

“Building trust and reputation takes time, effort and dedication and the only way to get there is by treating our customers with integrity compassion and understanding”.

~ Dixie Lee, VP of Marketing.

We Buy Houses In Connecticut
We Buy Houses In Connecticut

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