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Owning a home can be stressful. Maybe your tenants are making life complicated. Maybe your vacant house is a drain on your wallet. Or you inherited a house you don’t want, or can’t afford. No matter. Not only will we buy your property, we will give you a realistic fair offer based on the market value and condition of the house. We will buy your house in cash and will close when you want.

Call us at:  (203)529-4712 or fill in our form on this page to receive a cash offer. Be done with your property right away and put some money in your pocket.Sell my house fast in Hamden Connecticut


Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.


We offer a way out if you need to sell your house in Hamden CT fast, while still getting a fair offer on your house. If you need to sell your house in Hamden Connecticut, simply fill in the short form to find out how much we will pay for your house. There is no obligation and no pressure, to accept the offer. You have nothing to lose. Fill in the form right now!


Need To Sell Your House Quick For A Fair Price?

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Hamden. There is no obligation, commissions, or fees. Start by giving us some information about your house

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Selling Your House In Hamden CT With An Agent Vs. Selling It For A Fair Price To Us.

We buy CT houses In Hamden For Cash
We recently purchased this house in cash for a fair price. Fill in our form to get your fair offer! “Jerryll was transparent, and honest during the entire process which lasted just 2 weeks!

What if you have a house you need to sell fast and can’t afford to have it sit on the market for months, even years? What if the house is in bad shape, and cant afford to spend money, time or energy to fix it, not knowing if it will even sell after you fix it up? What if you are forced to update the house in order to compete with other houses being sold in your market. All this without a guarantee, that your house will even sell at all!

Of course agents have a place  in today’s market, but more homeowners choose to sell their house in Hamden CT to us at “We Buy Houses In Connecticut” for exactly the reasons before mentioned. Selling a house with an agent can be daunting. Agents will often ask you to clean and fix the house in order to be able to compete with other similar houses currently being sold on the market. This means money out of your pocket for repairs and updates, including landscaping for added curb appeal.

Even when a buyer finally comes along,  you have to hope their finances are in order and are approved by their lender to purchase your house. All this takes time, and during that time you have to maintain landscaping, pay taxes, mortgage insurance and utilities. The longer your property is on the market, the less money you will profit because of all these accumulating monthly bills!

When In case the house does sell, you still have to pay closing costs, selling costs, agent fees and commissions. Now you see why so many home sellers choose to sell their house to us.

  • We give fair offers on your house for sale in Hamden CT.
  • Our offer comes with no risk, no obligation to accept and, at no cost
  • We buy your house in Hamden in any condition. No need for repairs.
  • If you have a property for sale in Hamden CT we can buy it fast.

 So How Does It Work?

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Hamden. There is no obligation, commissions, or fees. Start by giving us some information about your house

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After I Fill In The Form, What Happens?

After you fill in the form giving us a bit of information about the house you have for sale here in Hamden, we  immediately spring to action! This is the procedure:


Provide some info on the property.


We set up an appointment after reviewing the information.


We give you a fair written offer – no obligation to accept.

We close at a local reputable title company, cash in your hands, and property off your hands in as little as 7 days.


All that is left to do is close on the property and complete the transaction where you will receive your cash we have agreed on for your house in Connecticut. For a more detailed explanation how it all works please call us any time (203) 529-47124 or scroll down to watch the short video below to learn how the process works.

We Buy Houses Connecticut.

We Buy Houses Fast In Cash In Hamden Connecticut

We have helped people that are in foreclosure, inherited an unwanted property, need to sell a house in probate, that lost a job and can’t afford mortgage bills any longer, that need to suddenly relocate, that are tired of dealing with trouble tenants, that have a vacant house that is collecting dust, bills, code violations, we have done it all. Give us a call and see for yourself how easy it is to sell your house in Hamden Connecticut to us.

“Building trust and reputation takes time, effort and dedication and the only way to get there is by treating our customers with integrity compassion and understanding”.


~ Dixie Lee, VP of Marketing.


We Buy Houses In Connecticut
We Buy Houses In Connecticut

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