Who will buy my house in Bridgeport CT? We Buy Houses In Bridgeport CT

No Matter The Condition, We Will Give You A Fair Offer!

You must be thinking:

Selling my house  in Bridgeport CT to a cash buyer will probably result in a very low offer.                   

— Let us stop you right there!

Our cash offers are based on the market value of your Bridgeport home.  What this means to you, is that we actually give fair offers. We buy houses in Bridgeport CT as is, and we pay in cash. If you need to sell your house in Bridgeport fast, let us to make you an all cash fair offer right now. Whether you are behind on taxes, tired of paying mortgage, or inherited a property you do not want, it does not matter.

We Buy Houses In Bridgeport CT.
Dixie standing in front of a house we recently bought in cash. Get your offer today!

Why should I consider selling my house to you?

We are an ideal option if you do not want to make repairs and want an offer right away while still getting a very fair offer. Selling to us means no agent fees, in fact no fees or commissions whatsoever. The alternative of selling through an agent can be very disappointing as explained in this article.

We will even pay closing costs out of our pocket. Your house will not sit on the market for months while you still have to pay insurance, utilities, mortgage, taxes. You do not have to tolerate countless of people walking through your house complaining about every stain and dent on your floors. We make the process completely hassle free and painless.

The benefit to you is that you now found a buyer that doesnt rely on any financial institutions to get a loan approved, a buyer that is not going to complain and nitpick the house apart, and a buyer with experience buying properties thus ensuring a fast and hassle free close.

OK this sounds interesting, how does it work?

This is the easy part. It is very simple. All we need is for you to fill in our form giving us a little information about the house (all information is kept completely confidential) or just give us a call (203)529-4712 and we can do it over the phone (in case you rather talk to an actual person). That is all it takes!

Need To Sell Your House Quick For A Fair Price?

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Bridgeport. There is no obligation, commissions, or fees. Start by giving us some information about your house

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Your job is done! We will now do a market analysis on your property in Bridgeport

What Happens After I Fill In The Form? 

We Buy Houses In Connecticut“, Noorden Estates LLC, is a serious no nonsense house buying company that means business. After you fill in the form we immediately get to work determining the market value of your house. Then we determine the repairs needed, and based on this we formulate your offer.

 We Buy Houses Bridgeport Connecticut.

I need To Sell My House in Bridgeport CT, We Buy Houses Bridgeport
Call Us With Any Questions ~Dixie

“I need to Sell My House in Bridgeport CT  fast”. We buy houses in Bridgeport CT fast and in cash so that we are able to close quickly. If you have tried selling your house with an agent and for some reason it didn’t work out, please do not despair. It is quite normal, it happens to a lot of sellers. We understand that some homeowners need to sell their house fast (trying to avoid foreclosure) and are concerned about being taken advantage of. You can be at ease knowing we do not take advantage of anyone.  We would love to give you an offer on your house, and when we do we will show you where we are getting our numbers from and why the offer is what it is. It all starts with a no obligation free offer.  We invite you to give us a call at (203) 529-4712 and see for yourself how easy it is to sell your house in Bridgeport CT to us.


We Buy Houses In Bridgeport Connecticut
We Buy Houses In Connecticut

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