Living Room Repair Estimate.

A Living Room Repair Estimate is important! The living room is where you relax. It is where you unwind after a long day, where you watch TV and receive people. Older houses are often divided in lots of small spaces. Small rooms. The problem with this is that no matter how big the house, having small spaces  makes the house feel cramped and small.

Living Room Walkthrough

When walking through the living room we look at the existing structure and we see how we can improve it. This of course depends on the type of flip you are dealing with. This is why a Living Room Repair Estimate is the make or brake to flipping a house. For a quick flip,  you may just want to do minimal renovation. Maybe a quick paint job and refinish floors. In our case as this is the town of Clinton, a remodel was appropriate.

From the picture below you can see that the living room is separated from the kitchen. Although still a decent sized living room, the kitchen seems really cramped. Removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room gives the “illusion of both a big kitchen and a bigger living room. This is because the kitchen and the living room is now a complete open and combined space. Having a kitchen on the mind you would look at the total space and say “wow what a huge kitchen”. But having the living room in mind you would see this as an enormous living room. Either way it looks open spacious and breezy if the wall separating the spaces was removed.

And thus that is what we set out to do!

How to evaluate a Living Room Repair Estimate.

Our Thoughts:

As you can see this house was a complete disaster. The carpets were wet and moldy. The living space completely outdated. Walls separating every living quarter makes the entire house feel small. Needs new windows and doors, new flooring, new balustrade as this one depicted does not comply to code, of course a new paintjob is needed. Also what you do not see in the picture is the ceiling… there is no ceiling. We need to get new ceilings, new walls, new electrical, new everything!

When evaluating a living room repair estimate, we highly recommend you do a google search, and see what is out there. Not only does this inspire new trends and ideas, you can visualize your living space against the ideas you come across. This helps in creating amazing spaces for your flip.

Here are a few great resources for you to check out!

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