Floor Plan Analysis.

Before making any changes or doing any work it is crucial we do a functional floor plan analysis. Why? You want to avoid doing work, removing walls, and then only afterwards you realize you could have done something better, or even worse, messed up the flow and relationship between sections of the house.

Here is a good little read on the importance of  a floor plan analyses.

The Floor Plan Analysis:

This is the original floor plan with foot traffic outlined. In order to improve the floorplan, it needs to be functional. We need to improve the existing floorplan and this starts by evaluating the current floor plan.

The house is divided into many small spaces. Of course open floor plans are desired and we definitely need to open it up a bit.

Kitchen as well as both bathrooms are small. There are 2 doors to the rear (one is enough), and not much light is coming into the house. Need more windows.

Floor plan analysis
Floor plan with foot traffic layout. Need to analyse how functional the original floor plan is before attempting to improve it.


We now have a good idea where we stand, and what we can do to improve the shortcomings of this floor plan.

Proposed Changes:

  • Need more light. [add windows]
  • Need larger kitchen and bathrooms [ remove walls and force an open floor plan]

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