Get Paid $1000 For Doing Virtually Nothing (Extra)!

cash-offer-400x270If you have visited our “About Us” page, you now know we have a mission. We have a very specific reason why we started this business. In part we do like to help distressed homeowners finding solutions to their problems. However we also need to constantly buy houses to reach our personal goals.

Here is where we need your help! :Help us help you” comes to mind. We pay you $1000 simply for alerting us to potential properties that we end up buying.

We are focused on adding value to our community in several ways. Each time we buy a run down house we fix it up, make it look appealing and pleasing. This adds value to the neighborhood and increases the value of all the houses in the immediate vicinity.

But we are going one step further. Why spend so much money on marketing when we can get good results by investing that money into the community. Yes you that can actually use the money. Why not pay you to do the marketing and advertizing for us, without you having to do anything you are not already doing?

1. Become A Driver and Earn 1000 Dollars!

We will provide you with 1 set of car magnets and set up an account for you with us. Your set of magnets will come with a phone number that is linked to your account. You simply place the magnets on your car doors and resume your daily activities. When a potential seller calls the number linked to your account it is noted. If a deal is made and we buy their house you automatically receive $1000. As simple as that.

CT Home Buyers
If one deal is made you get $1000. If 2 deals are made you will receive $2000. If 15 deals are made you will get $15,000. You get the idea.


Our requirements are as follows. You need to be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s licence and drive at least 20 miles a day preferably in  urban or rural areas


2. Take Advantage Of Our Referral Program, Earn 1000 Dollars!

If you know of anyone that:

  • needs to sell their house?
  • has a rundown or vacant house or if there is one your block?
  • is struggling with mortgage?
  • is struggling with tenants and is considering selling the house?

If so please tell us about it by filling in the form and be on your way to $1000 for every deal we successfully close due to your lead!

Join Our Referral Program And Earn $1000

Earn $1000 simply by letting us know of a property we may be interested in.
  • Please Fill In Your Name
  • Please Enter Your E-mail Address
  • Please Enter Your Number If you Feel Comfortable Doing So.
  • Please Enter the Property Address.
  • Please Enter The Name Of The Homeowner If You Have It.
  • Please Enter The Phone Number Of The Homeowner If You Have It.
  • Please Enter The e-mail Address Of The Homeowner If You Have It.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


3. Become A Bird Dog, Earn 1000 Dollars.

How do you become a bird dog? What is a bird dog anyway? A bird dog simply means a person that finds potential deals for us. Originally the term is derived from hunting dogs. When duck hunters use their dogs to retrieve the ducks. In this concept it simply means “retrieving” leads. Finding leads.There are several ways anyone (of legal age) can make money by doing virtually no extra work.We are constantly on the lookout for properties to buy in Connecticut. Instead of paying for flyers or bandit signs that  are just eye pollution or send out mailing cards, we rather pay you, someone that can use the money to find us what we are looking for. We are looking for people that need to sell their house locally in Connecticut.  CT motivated sellers. Now you can help us finding people that are in need of our services while you make some cash along the way. Motivated sellers that reach out to us are in need of our help and you are helping us bring us together.
Keep in mind that being a motivated seller, does not mean we will take advantage of their situation. Visit our top offer policy to learn about our competitive offer policy.

baker-street-abandoned-house-11-07-2011How?  Simple…

  1. You find properties that fit our simple buying criteria.
  2. Send them to us (through our simple online form).
  3. If we end up buying the house, we’ll pay you $1000 per property “finders fee” within 7 days of closing.

So… what exactly are we looking for?

Keep a lookout for properties with the following features:
  • Boarded up windows or doors.
  • Overgrown lawn.
  • House looks neglected (run down)
  • House appears vacant
  • Lien or violation notices tagged on the door.
  • Uncollected mail and or packages.


To get started just fill in as much information in the form to the right about the property you think would interest us.

Simply put…

Provide us with a name or address of a house you think we are interested in. If we end up buying the house you get $1000 dollars! It is that simple! The home seller gets an agreed upon cash offer, you make a $1000 dollars and we stay in business. This is a win for all deal!

The reasons do not matter, as long as they are very motivated to sell.

If so fill in the form on the right with as much information you can provide.  If we end up purchasing the house, you get $1000 dollars.

Find us 1 house get $1000 dollars, find us 15 houses, you get $15,000 dollars, that simple. So ask around, drive around, get a team together and pay them 50 dollars for each house they find (that we end up buying) and keep the $950 dollars for yourself.

We do not care how you do it. This is a great opportunity for all to make money.