Clinton Rehab Painting.

To keep budget under control we have decided to help out with priming and painting. It is a lot more involved than simply taking a brush and go at it. After priming all imperfections were sanded out and patched with plaster. Then the plaster needed to be re sanded, and re-primed.

Then it is time to pick a color.

Most flippers have a package set of items they use in every of their flips. Same paint, same finishes, same flooring, same appliances. We believe that the reason or homes sell so fast with so much profit is because we customize everything. We focus on the details.

We do more than satisfactory, to make sure the house not just looks, but actually is amazing. We pick colors based on the orientation of the house, window lighting, floor plan, feel and style. Tiles kitchen cabinets, flooring, everything is chosen to compliment the house and the design. But tiles and kitchen will be the subject of a later update. Enjoy our adventures.


Clinton Rehab Priming and Painting
Primed and painted. We chose the wrong color though. Need to redo it. We chose grey, but this color simply is blue!