Clinton Rehab: Before Kitchen.

Clinton Rehab Before Kitchen:This is how we found it we swear!

Clinton Rehab Before Kitchen

The kitchen obviously needs a ton of work. Well the entire house needed work. The reason this doesnt scare us and why this was a great buy is because we now eliminate “surprises”. WHat is there to shock us? It was in such a bad shape and completely open, there was nothing to hide. We could accurately determine the repairs needed and thus we could eliminate significant risk buying the house. This allowed us to give a really great offer.

The homeowner was very happy needless to say, and so were we!


Clinton Rehab Before Kitchen
Clinton Rehab Project: Kitchen (Before). Can’t wait to post the “After” picture

Our Thoughts:

To the right of the picture you can (barely) see the vertical shades of the sliding door.  You can also see the (single) kitchen door. Both doors open onto a deck (also in poor condition). There is no need for 2 doors so close to each other. The kitchen box enclosement ( the wall separating the 2 doors) makes the kitchen and the living areas feel very small.

Removing that (single) door and the walls dividing the kitchen space from the living area gives us the opportunity

  • to claim the dead space for more kitchen real estate. (the door takes up countertop and cabinet space)
  • to open up the main room, dining area and kitchen into one huge open space that makes the house feel a lot bigger, and allows more light through that inturn also makes the house feel larger.